Welcome To the Survey!!

As a village we should support each other, share and learn from our experiences

This page allows you an opportunity to provide feedback, opinions and your thoughts on the experiences you have within the service sector. The next time you go out, and use the services of a third party (restaurant, hotel, airline, shopping, mini-golf etc) use this form and share your experience with us, thus allowing us to share with others.

For most evaluators, filing out this form is best done at the end of the day, allowing you to reflect on the day, don’t rush through it, take your time

If you decide to evaluate a business or service we encourage you to advise the business/service that you are doing so. A suggested introduction is :

“Hi, my name is____ and I have selected to evaluate your business and services as a regular paying customer. I am an independent evaluator, and the information collected, if selected will be published on the internet on Outgrown My Stuff web based site(s) and also uploaded to the company social media accounts.”

Below you will find questions that could be of assistance for you in your evaluation.

You must provide justification on your perspective. When you are done, hit submit and it will processed for posting.

We do not render any form of payment for providing your evaluation, yet we will fully acknowledge who you are, and you will be entered into our monthly contest.

There are 22 questions in this survey.